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A digital agency is bound to thrive with cross-functional teams that each pull their weight and support each other. Different field or no, we’re all in this together and you can count on any one of your colleagues to assist you or hand you a fresh perspective.

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Our developers are analytical masterminds. They’ll assess the clients’ needs, get down to the nitty-gritty of the technical task at hand and translate it all into a viable solution. They’re adept at problem-solving, either independently or as part of a team. To keep you in the loop, they will gladly translate complex, highly technical matter in a language that’s easy to understand. They’re very passionate about their work. Should they encounter any difficulties, they won’t hesitate to flag them up and ask for what’s needed to resolve the issue.


In order to make our apps, websites and other digital products as user-friendly as possible, we require the best UX designers. They are the pragmatists and creative thinkers who’ll come up with designs according to the users’ needs. The client and end-users are always at the heart of any project and our designers will carefully analyze the briefing and deliver a design that’s striking, practical and efficient.

Marketers & Content Creators

The superpower of our marketers – our advertising experts & growth hackers –  and content creators is the ability to tap into the psyche of our prospects and to achieve or even exceed their goals. They’re target-oriented individuals who always put the client first. Together they make up an important part of our creative powerhouse, using their creative mind and the right choice of tools to reach the target group and persuade them to click and convert. 

Digital Strategists

Our digital visionaries are well-rounded and proficient at engaging with the clients and their team. They won’t hesitate to go above and beyond the client’s requests and dig a little deeper to discover their true needs. Based on their findings and some additional research, they’ll then design a roadmap for the digital projects.  Afterwards, they’ll continue to keep track of the bigger picture and are always available to pitch in and inspire their teams.

Project Managers

The project managers are the multitasking virtuosos that ensure the team brings the strategists’ vision to life. They are team leads, account managers, scrum masters, etc. all wrapped into a single power package. Our project managers effortlessly liaise between the client and the team members, keeping everyone in the loop and in tune with each other. An essential part of their job is to keep the client happy and their team motivated to perform at their very best. They’ll guide them through the entire process, all the while keeping their eye on the prize and quickly resolving any bottlenecks in order to reach the target.

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The other powers to rule them all

The others may not be actively part of any work project, but together they form an indispensable, overarching power in the world of Digiti. 

Meet Derek: founder, Chief of Everything Else Office (CEO) and beating heart of Digiti, is a busybody and go-getter who’ll be juggling many projects at once but he’s always present when you need him and he’s heavily invested in his community of Digitists. Think Hotter than Hot contests and scary Halloween walks.

Meet Marie-Anne: Derek’s right hand and Operations Manager. Her superpower is to get things done, quickly and efficiently. She’ll always find the time to actively listen and take care of any queries.  

Meet Thalia: the power residing in the back-end. Aside from a wide array of admin duties, Thalia is also the first point of contact for the Digitists. She’ll do the onboarding and organize trainings & regular follow-ups throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Clients we're thrilled to work for


Projects we’re proud of


Teamwork makes the dream work! We joined up with a prestigious pharmaceutical company to launch Care4Today. This game-changing app links patients and hospitals, improving the flow of information and reducing recovery time. For our work on this app, we won FeWeb’s prestigious award for "International Disruptive Champ of the Year"! 

What we did: UX/UI Design, Front-end Development, Test Automation

Technology stack: React Native (Mobile), Angular (Web), Firebase, TypeScript, Figma, Jira, Cucumber, Selenium, Appium, Swagger Postman

How we won FeWeb's prestigious award

Read our blog post and discover how we used our proficiency in UX/UI design, front-end development and test automation.


Xeikon is a big international player and pioneer in the digital printing industry. Our digital strategists took a deep dive into the printing world and re-emerged with an elaborate, well-thought-out roadmap for the coming years. In order to achieve Xeikon’s goals, we’ll use this roadmap to systematically take on exciting new digital projects, from the creation of a new website and the implementation of marketing activities, to support at fairs & events, and so much more!

What we did: Digital Strategy, UX/UI Design, Front-end & Back-end Development, Growth Marketing

Technology stack: Laravel (Statamic), Bootstrap 5, Figma, Miro

Rode Neuzen Dag

The Flemish version of Red Nose Day, backed by DPG Media, is an initiative which focuses on mental health issues in young people. Using our vast expertise in UX/UI, front-end & back-end development and our strategic knowhow, we redesigned their entire online platform. We optimized the operational processes and transformed the website into a customer-centric experience. An incredible success story, as our website made it into FeWeb’s top 3 websites of the year!

What we did: Digital Strategy, UX/UI Design, Front-end & Back-end Development

Technology stack: PHP (Drupal), Figma, Miro

How we redesigned the entire digital flow

We managed to successfully pull off an intense Discovery trajectory which resulted in a solid digital campaign.


AvioBook, a top notch aviation software provider for crew and ground staff, came to us because they needed a new website. But when we immersed ourselves in the company and the notoriously tricky industry, we decided to go the extra (air) mile! We spotted an opportunity to shorten the sales cycles through automation and to focus on gaining more qualified leads. In addition to a new website, we therefore designed a digital strategy which incorporates a roadmap with marketing growth cycles.

What we did: Digital Strategy, UX/UI Design, Front-end & Back-end Development, Growth Marketing

Technology stack: Laravel (Statamic), Bootstrap 5, Figma, Miro

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