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Your Growth

Personal & professional growth

We’re deeply invested in your growth. After all, if you grow, our client relationships also blossom and Digiti will be able to branch out with budding new prospects and projects. Our company is like a digital tree we take lovingly good care of. From the roots to the last leaf. 

Growth is not just company-driven. Every single part of the tree plays an essential role. To work for Digiti is therefore to work on yourself as an individual. In order to thrive, a digital agency requires a team that’s client-focused and target-oriented. We value a proactive, hands-on approach and a creative mindset. Are there certain soft skills you’d like to hone? We’re happy to organize workshops for your specific needs. 

Personal development plan

As a true digital native, you’re an eager learner and you like to keep on top of the latest trends, also in your personal time. Is there anything fascinating that’s keeping you up at night because you’re just so wrapped up? We invite you to share what’s caught your undivided attention. This way, we can look for exciting projects that’ll give you the oxygen you need to expand your skill set in line with your interests! 

Once you’ve developed and fine-tuned your personal growth plan with Thalia, she’ll take care of the practical bits like booking hotels, purchasing tickets or organizing trainings. She’ll provide you with the fertile soil you need to transform into your digital best self. Still need some extra nutrients to spur your growth? Thalia is with you every step of the way. She’ll check in regularly to ensure you have plenty of light to be at your brightest.

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We'll provide fertile soil, oxygen and light for you to be at your brightest.