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The journey begins


Yay! You’ve signed your contract and you’re about to embark on a digilicious adventure!
Let’s get you all geared up.

Step 1: Ready to get digilicious?

First of all, we’ll get the pesky admin out of the way. Not to worry, this is a (mostly) painless process. Our very own Thalia, organizational pro and staff support extraordinaire, will take good care of you. She’ll get you signed up on our Payroll provider and add you as a user to all our other systems.

She’ll also very generously grant you access to our Team page on Notion so you can get a cheeky look at your colleagues’ profiles. No need to snoop social media (though of course, you can and should! We approve ;)). If there are any upcoming team events during your notice period at your current job, we’ll drop a shiny Digiti invite in your inbox! You’ll even receive extra intel to prepare you for your first day at our headquarters. Feeling the butterflies yet?

Step 2: D-Day is for Digiti!

Hooray, it’s your first day! Thalia will be at Digiti headquarters to welcome you and ensure you’ll fit right in. She’ll give you the grand tour of the office where the digital magic happens and you’ll get to meet a few of your new colleagues. Digiti adheres to a hybrid working model, so you might not meet the entire team just yet.

What's the hype with hybrid?

Would you like to know how we implemented remote working and what our hybrid working model looks like today?

Time to settle in and set up your work station, your laptop and mail box and to explore our tools. The first day is all about getting you acquainted with our policies, our way of working and our materials.

The quickest way to the heart is through the stomach. Did we mention your first lunch is on us? On your first work day, Digiti will treat you to a sandwich or anything on the Burger King menu. To the delight of our team members (but to the detriment of our health), we are conveniently situated at only a few 100 meters away from the closest Burger King.

At the end of the day, Thalia will check in on you so you can share your experience so far.

We’re die-hard Apple aficionados

Not feeling the love? It might not be head over heels at first sight, but we hope the affection will grow over time. ❤️

Step 3: Your first week

During the first week, you’ll get to know the Digitists a bit more. Derek will take you on a journey through time and immerse you in the wondrous world of Digiti, who we are, where we come from and the exciting new chapters we’re writing.

You’ll also get the opportunity to delve deeper in the fields of Design, Development and Strategy. Our experts will shed some light on the Digiti brand, explain to you their areas of expertise and the tools and technology we have at our disposal to turn bright ideas into effective realities.

Itching to get your hands on some assignments? Get your chance to shine from week one! We’ll hand you your very first project so you can dive right in.

" My first week went by so fast! Thanks to the great onboarding. Everything was well organized and I felt immediately at home.
- Michèle Blockhuys , Growth Marketer

This first week, Thalia will check up on you every day to find out how you’re settling in, what your day was like and which questions you may have. Trying to find specific information or struggling with a specific tool? We’ll ensure you get what you need right away. We’ll also fill you in on what to expect on your next day

Step 4: Your first month

During your first month, you’ve met the whole crew and worked on one or multiple projects. You’ll probably have attended a Team Huddle and maybe even an Apéro Day.

Ready to onboard the Digiti train?

Join our team and experience at first hand how we make you feel at home from day one

From your second week onwards, we’ll do a weekly check-up until you’ve completed your first month as Digitist. These check-ups give you the opportunity to discuss your thoughts on the past week, to ask questions and to find out what we have in store for you the upcoming week. After your first month, we’ll take a moment to reflect on your experience, get some feedback from your colleagues on your work to date, and take a look at month two.

Step 5: Your first 3 months

You’ve nearly made it through the entire onboarding process! At this point, you’re well-versed in our way of working, our client portfolio, our tools and hopefully you may even remember the names of your digital co-workers 😁.

From the second month onwards, we’ll do a more elaborate monthly check-up. At the end of your first three months, you’ll get an invitation to discuss your growth opportunities. Based on this meeting, we’ll count on you to create a personal growth trajectory for the upcoming period and/or year.

Step 6: Your professional growth

Ready to reach for the stars? You’ll continue your professional growth thanks to constructive feedback, timely evaluations and the actions included in your personal growth trajectory.