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You effortlessly guide your team from one project to the next without losing sight of your client’s and colleagues’ needs.

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Who are we looking for?

The digital era has not so much dawned as it has taken the world by storm. However, not all companies are fully aware yet of all the opportunities a digital transformation can bring to their business. Are you that beacon of light that guides our prospects towards the next step in their digital journey?

In a nutshell

  • You’ve got nerves of steel. You keep your cool, lead your team and guide your client.

  • As a pragmatist and analytical thinker, you contribute to your team’s thinking process and challenge their ideas. 

  • You are a perfectionist with eye for detail. You closely monitor your team’s progress and ensure you deliver a polished product.

  • Thanks to your technical background, you know the ins and outs of digital projects. For the more technical details, you can lean on a team of digital experts. 

  • Flexibility is a must in this ever-changing digital environment.

Will you blow our socks off?

Feeling hungry yet?

We hope you are! You’ll need that drive to pull prospects through the entire customer journey, from traction, acquisition and activation to retention, re-activation and referral.

Company perks

We offer a gross salary in line with industry standard compensation.
Travel the country with a Total fuel card.
We like to invest in you and your skill set. The training budget will stimulate you to keep growing.
Every month, you’ll receive a €8 meal voucher. Additionally, every year you will also receive ecocheques.
Thanks to our 40 hour work week, you get an additional 12 ADV days on top of your 20 days of annual leave.
We like to take care of you, also when you fall ill. Our DKV insurance plan ensures you get the best care.
Travel in safety and comfort with our company car, during or after hours.
No need to worry about your retirement savings. We also provide a retirement plan so you can rest assured.
Prefer to work with certain tools that allow you to perform even better? We’re happy to purchase them for you.

Meet Marie-Anne, our Project Manager

Marie-Anne, our Project Manager, answers frequently asked questions about what it is like to work as a PM for Digiti.

As a PM no two days are the same. Marie-Anne tells you all about it.

As a PM, you don’t just ensure that every project achieves the desired outcome. You also advise your clients.

You are organized and you bring structure to your projects. You possess strong communication skills and you know how to be creative when it comes to planning and managing the budget.

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