Are you a Dutch Content Creative who can match the fieriness of the hot sauce?

Yep, you read that right. We’re looking for a fierce Digital Content Creative with the creative firepower to tackle any challenge. Can you conjure up tantalizing tales with the sheer power of words? Can you inspire people to dream and take action? Do you drink hot sauce like tomato juice?

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Hungry for a challenge?

At Digiti, we think big! We will challenge you and provide you with all the tools and opportunities so you can thrive. Get a taste for a variety of projects: from local SMEs to large international corporations or non-profits, … Tackle these daily tasks with gusto and we’ll make sure you grow:

Are you hot sauce or tomato juice?

  • Do you love to craft stories that charm search engines and hit the audience’s sweet spot?

  • Can you make us swoon with your ability to create effective content in all kinds of formats? From brand names and tag lines, captions for ads and social media to short form and long form copy like blog posts, websites and eBooks.

  • Are you a go getter who gets up every morning with the ambition to exceed expectations and achieve bigger and better results?

  • Do you jump at the opportunity to take on a challenge? For instance, an assignment to transform complex, technical material into digestible texts that are a joy to read?

  • Do you have a few years of copywriting experience in a (B2B) marketing context?

  • Are you a passionate all-rounder? Do you enjoy an integrated approach where you can actively contribute to our marketing strategy and design process?

  • Do you also have a unique eye for all things visual, either creating photos or videos yourself or knowing how to perfectly pair them with your copy? 

  • Any other (useful!) hidden talents that’ll knock our socks off?

Feeling hungry yet?

If you’ve got that fire, we want to hear from you! Send us your portfolio (the more variation in your content pieces, the better) and apply now!

Do you whip up perfect Dutch copy for every occasion?

Dutch is your mother tongue. You’ve got an extensive vocabulary, flawless grammar and the ability to make words sing in a persuasive senerade. Of course we’re also expecting you to have advanced English language skills.

Is your copy so well-written, prospects blink away a tear?

You write captivating content which is customer-centric and drives conversions in line with our marketing goals and flows. Whether it’s a B2C or B2B context, you know what makes your prospects tick and you craft copy that speaks to their frustrations, ambitions and desires. You’re a real chameleon with the ability to conquer technical material and tailor the tone of voice for the channel, the target audience and the customer journey.

Are you ready to let those creative juices flow?

Creativity is also a mindset! As a visionary with heaps of imagination, you have a unique perspective that allows you to think strategically and come up with fresh creative concepts for our marketing campaigns. You also have an eye for design and you work together seamlessly with our digital experts for compelling storytelling.

Company perks

We offer a gross salary in line with industry standard compensation.
Travel the country with a Total fuel card.
We like to invest in you and your skill set. The training budget will stimulate you to keep growing.
Every month, you’ll receive a €8 meal voucher. Additionally, every year you will also receive ecocheques.
Thanks to our 40 hour work week, you get an additional 12 ADV days on top of your 20 days of annual leave.
We like to take care of you, also when you fall ill. Our DKV insurance plan ensures you get the best care.
Travel in safety and comfort with our company car, during or after hours.
No need to worry about your retirement savings. We also provide a retirement plan so you can rest assured.
Prefer to work with certain tools that allow you to perform even better? We’re happy to purchase them for you.

Ready to become a Digitist?

Go ahead, hit that button and apply! We will get back to you in about two weeks to let you know whether we’d be a good fit.

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