Onboarding: how it’s done

We want to make sure that you feel connected and comfortable with us right from the start. That's why there will be regular check ins and follow up to make you feel at home.

Welcome on board 🛳

Onboarding checklist

Ready, set, go! On your first day, during your first week and your first month, we’ll hand you a bunch of to do’s. We’ll also provide you with some info so that you get a good idea of what Digiti is all about, where you can find what you need and who you should talk to.


Physical distance won’t stop us from issuing challenges. Complement someone with a virtual taco, get to know your charming colleagues during a Speed Date and write a blog post about your amazing experience at Digiti.


The first three months, we will do regular check-ins. During your first week, you’ll even get a daily check-in. This way we ensure you feel comfortable and you’ve got everything you need to become one of the team.

Speed Dates

When you join us, we’ll plan a Speed Date so that you can get to know everyone either via video chat or in real life. You get to talk a few minutes with each of your colleagues and find out about their likes and dislikes, their quirks, their favorite dessert and whatever else you’d like to know!

Team huddles

Derek (aka the big boss) regularly organizes a team huddle. During a team huddle, we discuss important topics, for instance a sales update or the launch of a new project. You’ll also get to catch up with the entire team. 👋

Ready for your onboarding at Digiti?

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"All info regarding the onboarding ( including a wiki-Digiti) is centralized in a single tool, which gives a clear overview and makes it easy to get up to speed."

"The check-ins make sure you get familiar with the company real quick, even when you’re working remotely."

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