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Refer a friend and win

Do you have friends with benefits? 😏

We’re a digital agency located in the heart of the Kempen and we’re looking for talented colleagues - maybe a friend of yours? Refer them to us and earn €400.

Earn €400 by simply referring a friend

How does it work?

Earn your reward as easy as... one, two three! Follow the below steps and we'll welcome your friend as one of ours immediately.

We're looking for multiple talented people. Browse our vacancies and send us the contact information of your suitable friend & that's it! Now it's up to us & your friend.

If qualified, we will invite your friend for a job interview to see if they can live up to our standards (and vice versa of course). Fingers crossed!

Once your friend is hired within 6 months after referral and the contract is signed, you will receive your reward.

Already have someone in mind?

Check our vacancies below and if one or more checkboxes are ticked don't hesitate to refer them!

Is Digiti a fit for your friend(s)?

More agency, less factory

When your friend earns a spot in the Digiti workplace, no 2 days are the same. From SMEs to multinationals, mobile apps to websites and workshops to client meetings, they'll be doing it all! If they raise the stakes and also help us win an award, that’s the cherry on the cake!

An efficient hybrid model

We successfully combine office work with home working, using the best of both worlds! We keep spirits high with virtual huddles, live speed dates and teambuilding activities.

🤑 and earn €400 worth of vouchers

Welcome to the dream team!

Several minds are better than one! You'll work on a project as a team and support each other. On the client side, we also involve the whole team throughout the entire process. Shine brighter together!

I know someone!

Sharing is caring, once we've received their information & your friend is hired, you will get rewarded.

The values we value

These are the values we live by as a team. Throughout every project and everything we do, we keep these in mind.


Our customer-centric approach ensures we satisfy the user and deliver real, tangible results for our clients. Measure - analyze - adapt - REPEAT.


We’re a happy, close-knit family, united by our passion for all things digital. We’re devoted to Digiti, to our clients and we’re devoted to each other.

Bold & creative

We’re not afraid to experiment! Think reindeer shitting on the roof to support colon cancer. If we can dream it, we can find a way to make that dream a reality.

Deliberate & considered

While we love to let those creative juices flow, it’s equally important to then take a step back and assess our client’s needs and the viability of our solution.


Our team has Digiti’s best interests at heart. To this end, they're encouraged to be independent and to take initiative to spot and act on opportunities for improvement.

Refer a friend

Fill out the below form with your information (so you can get rewarded) & show off with your friend's expertise. Let's make this a win-win situation!