Are you a UX/UI designer who can make a splash?

We’re looking for a UX/UI designer who can transform websites and apps into a functional piece of art that captivates, guides and converts.

Who are we looking for?

Are you passionate about structuring and shaping a website to create a perfect user flow? Do you celebrate Fri-yay every day you succeed in getting all the right elements in all the right places in a harmonious symphony of color?

In a nutshell

  • Are you a self-professed perfectionist with a critical eye? Are you able to spot when a shade is slightly off or when an element is misaligned by the merest fraction of a pixel? Are you results-driven with the end user in mind?

  • Do you play well with others? Are your designs the brush strokes that bring to life the code of our developers and the words of our content creatives in a perfect digital picture?

  • Are you as flexible as we are? Do you know how to switch your graphical gears to make a deadline or take back some steam?

  • Do you have an insatiable curiosity for new ways of working and emerging trends in the field? More importantly, are you brave enough to try them out and make a splash?

  • Have you got more than three years experience as a UX/UI designer in the digital sector?

Feeling hungry yet?

We hope you are!
You’ll need that drive to create the best user experience.

What do we expect from you?

You’re all about the user experience

The user is the sun around which your design universe revolves. You think critically, delve into research head first and you don’t shy away from asking the client the tough questions to obtain the best possible user experience for any digital platform.

Have you got UXpertise?

You’re an UXpert in your field and you’ll happily indulge your colleagues and clients by sharing your knowledge. You’re a believer! More concretely, you believe that UX is the holy grail to achieve the client’s objectives and can therefore easily justify your choices. After you’ve shared all the available options, the final decision is made by the client. You know this and you know which battles to pick.

You’ve ventured into Frontendland

As a UX/UI designer, you work closely together with front-end developers. Some basic knowledge of HTML/CSS will serve you well as it’ll help you understand the impact of your choices on development. You conjure up your designs in Figma and cross-check with your front-end colleague to produce a top-notch result in the allocated time frame.

You nail the design for every device

Smartphones, desktops, tablets, oh my! The variety of screens doesn’t faze you as you know how to seamlessly adjust your designs so that the user will be able to navigate any digital platform in the easiest possible way.

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