Allround Front-end Developer

Our team of designers created some dazzling designs, now we’re looking for someone who will translate their brilliant ideas into something bold and clickable.

Who are we looking for?

The websites and apps you develop are so mind-blowing and fast that they will impress every single user. In a nutshell: you have the ability to create award-winning digital masterpieces!

In a nutshell

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript, ... you've done it all. But if you’re also able to build mobile and web apps (React Native/ Angular)? High five!

  • You know a thing or two about a CMS, and you’d love to learn more about it at Digiti!

  • Every day again, you are submerged by new, ground-breaking and state-of-the-art digital projects.

  • You're so proud of everything you create, that you want to show it to everyone you know. Yes, even to your Internet Explorer-using grandparents.

  • You can translate company processes into digital solutions and you understand the most extensive client requirements.

  • Through constant interaction with our designers, you get a lot of feedback. But your refreshing and inspiring ideas allow you to challenge them!

  • Thanks to your flexibility and ability to handle stress a deadline won't be missed

  • ... and you're able to convince us. By showing us your portfolio, with your working experience or knowledge, ... The choice is yours!

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