Are you an experienced Developer with a love for React Native

We’re looking for an all round Front-end Developer whose heart starts beating faster from writing React Native, but is also not afraid to explore other technologies.

Who are we looking for?

Are you passionate about building mobile apps (both Android as iOS)? You like the variety to build both web apps and web sites? Do you celebrate Fri-yay every day you succeed in setting up API connections between all kinds of platforms?

In a nutshell

  • You master the basics of the basics: HTML & CSS.

  • You have thorough knowledge of React Native (Redux is a plus!)

  • Build tools like XCode, and CI/CD tools like CircleCi, Bitrise, Jenkins,... are your favorite playground

  • Building mobile apps is your strong suit, both in Android and iOS.

  • You love yourself some A to the P to the I. Setting up connections between apps is what you like doing. A basic understanding of REST APIs is recommended

  • You take on user stories and bug fixes as if your life depends on it (just kidding, but you take it seriously)

  • You’re the guardian of the galaxy applications: by writing unit and/or automated tests you maintain the high quality of the galaxy applications.

  • Above all: you cut to the chase when an issue arises, you take on responsibility and are able to communicate well to all parties involved (clients, business analysts, scrum masters,... the whole bunch)

Feeling a match yet?

We hope you do! Read more about our hiring process and onboarding. We're ready to welcome you!

What do we expect from you?

Combine your strengths with our team

As a React Native developer you will work closely with our UX/UI Designers, Front-end developers, Project Manager, and also with the teams of the clients (Business analysts, Scrum Masters, Back-end developers,...)

Development and maintenance mode: ON

You develop and maintain our custom React Native apps for our clients and integrate them with the back-end systems. You set up the app, choose the right 3rd party components, and start hard core developing!

Accountability and responsibility ftw!

You support your colleagues in their development process and take on responsibilities on a technical level of the project.

Flexibility is a two-way street

We provide you with a flexible time schedule, a top-notch team and all the gear you need to be your amazing self. You take on the challenge and responsibility to launch state-of-the-art apps. You also don’t shy away from other technologies and like to try them out on all kinds of projects.

Apply for Allround Developer with React Native knowledge