Curious about
our hiring process?

Alright, so you want to apply for one of our positions? Great! Let's go over our hiring process, we'll explain every step of the way.

Step 1: First contact

Yay! You found us! Whether you were referred by a Digitist or got to know us through our website, LinkedIn or Instagram, we’re so happy you’re interested in joining our team! Depending on how thorough you were in your application, Thalia may ask you to share your portfolio (a must if you’re applying for the position of designer, developer or content creator)

Once we’ve received all the info we need, we’ll carefully review your application and profile. If we find that we’re sadly not a match made in heaven, Thalia will be sure to inform you within 7 business days. If, however, we felt a genuine digital spark, expect to receive an invitation in your inbox to join Thalia on a telephone or Zoom date.

During this introductory call, you’ll be asked about some practical matters like your residential address, whether you have a driving licence, your marital state, salary expectations, etc. Thalia will of course also enquire about your work experience. 

How to prepare for a job application at Digiti?

We receive numerous applications daily. Make sure to stand out! Sending in a portfolio is a must in this industry, so please do so.

Step 2: Assessment

If there was digital chemistry during the first call, we’ll move on to the assessment. The kind of assessment you’ll be given depends on your profile and which position you’re applying for. For instance, a developer will get a technical assignment. Designers and content creators will receive a different briefing tailored to their expertise. All candidates are also required to take the Insights Discovery test, just like every Digitist who’s come before you.

The Insights Discovery test

The four-color model approach of the Insights Discovery test, based on Carl Jung’s psychological theory, provides us with an easy way to understand what makes our team members tick. The multiple choice test takes 20 minutes to complete and the outcome will be one of eight personality types, defined by your unique color mix. 

Each color gives us insight about your personality traits, your behaviors and preferences. It helps us understand what motivates our Digitists, how they go about problem-solving and their specific communication style. These insights are an invaluable tool to learn how to work together effectively as a team.

Step 3: Interview

Passed your assessment with flying colors? Brilliant! Join us at Digiti headquarters for a more elaborate chat. We’ll discuss the outcome of your Insights Discovery test, talk through the assignment you’ve just completed and of course we want to get to know you better. One of your potentially new colleagues will also be present. For example, if you’re applying for the role of designer, we’ll make sure you meet one of our designers. Depending on your profile, more interviews may follow so that we can get a good feel for each other and whether we’ll be a digital dream team.

How to prepare for your first interview in person?

It's normal you're a bit nervous to meet us, but know we're excited too! Make sure to come prepared. Browse through our website, know the projects we're doing, memorize the vacancy you applied to and have a couple of questions written down. That always leaves a good impression.

Step 4: Offer

You made it! We can’t wait for you to join our ranks! We’ll create a special offer, specifically for you. To this end, Thalia will need some extra information so that we can ensure our offer meets and maybe even exceeds your expectations. Once you’ve accepted, Thalia will draw up the contracts and pass them on for you to digitally sign. Congrats, you’re officially part of the team! Ready to get digilicious?

Step 5: Your onboarding!

Find out how we’ll make you feel right at home from day 1.