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The Digiti story

From one-man-show to award-winning digital agency

Digiti’s story began with a small spark in a big digital world. Derek decided to turn his own digital fantasy into reality by creating – rather than chasing – his dream job. In 2004, he founded Digiti. Being a one-man-show had its perks, but he soon realized that large companies will not easily entrust a solo freelancer with any momentous projects. In order to take on more elaborate assignments, he therefore decided to contract other digital experts. And so the Digiti family started to grow, steadily and organically. 

Fast forward to today. We are a full service digital agency with a talented team of developers, designers, content creators, digital strategists, project managers and marketers. The digital magic we’ve created has been recognized throughout the years with several awards, ranging from Best Non-profit Campaign (Make-a-Wish) to Most Promising Digital Agency of the Year (Digital Marketing Awards) and International Disruptive Champ of the Year (FeWeb) for our recent work on a game-changing health app! Our bright little spark has turned into dazzling digital fireworks.

Curious about why we’ve won so many awards?

Our dreams are big…

Been to that charming bakery around the corner? Derek started out by building websites for SMEs just like that. We value local companies and enjoy working for them, but our portfolio has expanded and diversified over time. Having benefited from a Belgian-American upbringing, Derek has always set his sights on local as well as international clients. Consequently, you’ll find we work for all kinds of companies, from SMEs and non-profit organizations to large multinationals based abroad. Did you know we even had headquarters in the Big Apple for several years? 

... and so is our heart

It’s important to us to bring about real, positive change in the world. Charity work is very close to our heart and we strive to take on an impactful not-for-profit assignment at least once every two years. Our Digitists have worked on various exciting projects with impressive results! The Make-a-Wish app which Derek presented at company headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona; our work for the Flemish edition of Red Nose Day; reindeer on the roof to raise funds for colon cancer; … The sky is (not) the limit! 

Pshhh… Don’t tell but we’ve already got our eye on the next good cause we’d like to support!

Meet Derek, Digitist-in-Chief

Self-made man, entrepreneur, husband of Leen & father of two boys, philanthropist. Meet Derek, founder of Digiti and a true digital magician

In 2016, Derek was nominated as one of the most promising entrepreneurs in the Kempen region. His entrepreneurial spirit ensured that the humble office in Lille, barely spacious enough for 3 people, has given way to large, shiny new headquarters and an agency that’s been strategically developed to deliver end-to-end digital solutions. The vision to go for the full service agency model has been a game changer that’s also helped navigate turbulent times, like covid-19.

He first got introduced to the wonders of the world wide web and its possibilities when, back in 1995, his father brought home a Windows computer from work. He did not let the notorious dial-up connection deter him and started learning everything there was to learn. He taught himself how to build a website from scratch, delved into design and wasn’t afraid to try new things.

To this day, Derek’s resourcefulness and can-do attitude still reign supreme at Digiti. We like to push the envelope and challenge the status-quo. What about you?

The Digiti ingredients for digital greatness

Our team contains a broad mix of flavors. Some Digitists prefer the true and tested classics, while others like to spice it up with a creative cocktail of ideas. While we’re a diverse bunch, it’s undeniable that certain ingredients form a staple in the entire Digiti family. Read on to discover the 5 qualities we value most. 


Building a cool looking website is great. But will it attract visitors and generate leads? Will these visitors easily find their way around and take the right actions? The end user is the hero of our digital dish. Our customer-centric approach ensures we satisfy the user and deliver real, tangible results for our clients. We meticulously measure and analyze every step of the way to guarantee a return on investment that’ll make our clients hungry for more.


We’re a happy, close-knit family, united by our passion for all things digital. We’re devoted to Digiti, to our clients and we’re devoted to each other. From spotting business opportunities to going above and beyond for our clients as well as the team. Above all, we ladle in copious amounts of fun, both inside and outside the workplace. 

Bold & creative

We like to add in a generous scoop of the creative hot sauce. No, really. We appreciate big ideas and we’re not afraid to experiment! Think reindeer shitting on the roof to support colon cancer. If we can dream it, we can find a way to make that dream a reality. And if not, at least we will have learned a valuable lesson or gained some surprising insights.

Deliberate & considered

While we love to let those creative juices flow, it’s equally important to then take a step back and evaluate the options. Rather than diving right in, we’ll assess our client’s needs and the viability of our solution. We think the recipe through before we start whipping up a digital delicacy, only to forget an essential ingredient!


We trust our team to have Digiti’s best interests at heart. To this end, we encourage them to be independent and to take initiative. Spot and act on an opportunity, offer to carry out improvements, question whether we’re working efficiently enough or whether there’s real value for the client and end user. Don’t let a minor issue turn into a hot potato. Our experts are not limited to their field, but they’re free to explore whatever digital delights they like.