Eager learners!

We’re a bunch of eager learners and we’re more than happy to support your growth. To this end, we ensure there are plenty of opportunities available to learn from each other, as well as from others.


Every quarter, we block off half a day in the agenda and each team member gets the chance to give us a presentation on any interesting topic they would like to tell us about. In addition to gaining knowledge, de Digicademy is an opportunity for our team to grab the mic and practice their presentation skills.

Your Personal Development Plan

We set aside some time to invest in your personal development plan. You’ll create it yourself, based on the feedback you’ve received and what you personally feel like you need to work on or what competencies you’d like to develop. This includes both soft and hard skills. 

Want to know how we go about this exactly?

Team Huddles

Once biweekly, we hold a team huddle to share company and project updates. We also invite you to discuss other relevant topics like what you’ve learned, a new type of technology you’d like to introduce, an interesting news article that’s inspired you, etc. Or just have a friendly chat!

Lessons Learned

When a project has been completed, we like to finish it off with a Lessons Learned session. Lessons Learned is a crucial moment that allows us to come full circle. We’ll reflect on the project, what went well, what could’ve gone better, what we’ve learned for future projects, who deserves an extra high five, and so on. 

Thank You Tacos

Show your appreciation towards your team members by giving them tacos in our very own #Feedback Slack channel because who doesn’t like a juicy snack? Per day, you get to hand out 5 digilicious tacos to the people who you think deserve them. Of course there's also a leaderboard to fan the flames of competition!

Deeply committed to each other, the projects & our clients

Digiti is all about people! We care about our people and the feeling is mutual. You might’ve picked up on to this if you’ve already had a scroll through our website and our socials. Engagement is the sticky goodness that keeps our team glued together. It allows us to cultivate long-term relationships, not just with each other but also with our clients.

We care about our people & the feeling is mutual

We’re fully committed to our colleagues and we have their best interests at heart. Therefore we’ll do everything in our power to engage our team and to create moments that’ll encourage them to learn, to explore and to bond.

At the start of every single project, it’s of the utmost importance to us to involve the entire project team and get them acquainted with the client and their wants and needs. We’ll make sure all are present at the kick-off and we’ll give an elaborate briefing of the digital strategy so that everyone is clued in from day one. As a content creator, you’ll interview the client; as a designer you’ll present them with your work and ask for their feedback; as a developer you’ll demo the digital product and as a marketer you’ll report back to the client directly.

Engagement is the sticky goodness that glues our team together. It allows us to cultivate long-term relationships, not just with each other but also with our clients.

Work hard, play hard

We’re passionate about our work, but we’re equally passionate about having some well-deserved fun outside the office. All you need to do is show up and enjoy the good times! Every activity or event we organize is all about good vibes, a sense of togetherness and enjoying each other’s company. From the annual Secret Santa event and occasional team walks to team buildings and the Burger King runs during our lunch break… 

Fair warning, we do have a Burger King branch winking at you just a few meters down the road!

Happy company happenings

The months that we’ve planned no other significant activities, we won’t leave you high and dry! We’ll pick a Digitist to hold an Apéro Day of their choice. This afterwork event could be anything from visiting a favorite bar to a specific hobby they’d like to share with the colleagues. In the past, we’ve gone bouldering, visited a brewery, taken part in a ceramics workshop and even went to Brussels to sample the renowned Rambo Burgers!

Four times a year, we’ll also block a full day to rally everyone for the Hype ’n Hustles. During this meeting, we’ll share our company’s quarterly results, project updates and other important company information. But not to worry! We’ll ensure you’ll be well-fed and happy to sustain you throughout the presentations. We’ll even throw in a fun activity!